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Just enough to correctly respond to Access Top the search intent… no more… no less. Texts for niches, fast, cheap and with as many corrections as you want If you go to the Buy A Text page and enter the coupon DEAN20 you will have a 20% discount on each of the content orders you make. It is the biggest discount they have given to date because Xavi (the CEO) is a regular Blogger3cero reader ;D Regarding the links, I am going to show you a little more about which links we have worked on. It has about 12 purchased dofollow links and a few more nofollow.

I am going to show Access Top an Excel with more information about

In total, we will have spent a little more category email list than 500 euros and if you think about it, it is worth it, because now it gives 500, but every month . I am going to show an Excel with more information about these links with some columns, such as the date of publication of the link so that you can see the frequency of link creation and the anchor text , but I will not put the media where we have purchased. Maybe they feel bad that I publish on a site like Blogger3cero that sells links. Good. Here it goes: Artificially created backlinks to our niche.

External Link Management section

Some conclusions from the photo above, after Seo EBL taking a look: We have attacked the home page a lot with a naked URL anchor and the name of a fictitious person (a fake profile that we created on a forum, “Robert Lozada”) Then we have attacked mainly (if not only) the Call To Click URLs that convert the most in Adsense: “ loans ”, “ certificates ” and “ how to know if I am in Dicom ” Little more… We have monitored all the links with the External Link Management section of DinoRANK, but I do not show it there since all the links would be seen. However, to give you an idea it is something like this: DinoRANK function in which you can plan your link building.

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