How to advertise with videos on YouTube without paying a cent to Google

How to advertise Do you know those YouTube ads that appear before the content? It is very likely that you have already seen some because they appear in like every fifth video you see. I do not have data on the profitability that this type of online advertising gives you. It doesn’t mean that they don’t exist but to be honest today I was too lazy to look for them because I’m not going to talk about that either.

What advertising with videos on YouTube gives you How to advertise

How to advertise What advertising with videos on YouTube gives you Given the top industry data type of advertisers on YouTube, it is very likely that at the moment it is more focused on branding advertisers. The vast majority of SMEs and start-ups do not have the budget to invest in video advertising to gain notoriety, crossing their fingers that this will eventually lead to more sales. Visibility of your brand : the image is a powerful carrier for emotions. 

Many people do not read out of laziness and prefer audiovisual content a cent to Google

How to include advertising in a YouTube video SEO EBL without spending a cent in 3 steps If you don’t want or can’t spend money for the normal way of advertising on YouTube, don’t worry. There is a very simple alternative to do it. 1. Create (viral) content : well, we’re off to a good start. As if it were that easy. I know, it is not, but the objective has to be that, although obviously it cannot be planned.

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