An Email Campaign Requires Joint Results

You can’t analyze the results of each email marketing campaign individually. Said Jeff Moriarty, director of An Email sales and marketing. Decision Maker Media Management. At the annual conference of the American Direct Marketing Association ( DMA ), which is being held. celebrating in Orlando (Florida). Moriarty explained, during the session. Dedicated to the integration of online and offline marketing techniques. That the combination that is working best is promotion via email followed by a telemarketing action. Between 10 and 15 percent of emails will be retained by anti-spam filters. Which exacerbates the problem of updating lists, added the speaker.


Email marketing can get away from cost reduction

With email, we have about 12 seconds executive data to capture. The recipient’s eye,” Moriarty noted. Which means that the “subject” must concentrate the full force of the offer and its benefit in less than 50 characters. Decision Maker Media Management is an Illinois company that provides B2B email, postal and telephone lists. The new features will also allow us to personalize the reports for each of our clients and will strengthen the service we provide to them. and fixed telephony users (consumer services) – which synergistically encompass aggregation competencies.

Content, digital marketing and technology

Management of a team made up of more. Than 300 professionals SEO EBL throughout Europe. Define exactly the target An Email audience and ask them what type of emails they want to receive, if they want to receive them. These are the essential steps to prevent consumers from starting to ignore this marketing channel. These are the advice of an analyst from the market research company Gartner , which only aims to fit into one reality: cost reduction. By mid-2004, spam will represent approximately 60% of the emails circulating on the Internet. For this reason.

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