Beris Lake Toman Fishing Mission Kedah

This is my short note for the last Beris Lake toman fishing trip.

This is the first time I came here to guess mama toman who is said to be quite fierce and energetic.

Although this trip was hastily planned without careful preparation, it gave me a deep memory.

I’ve listed here some reasonable stocks if you’d like to surmise the occupants here.

Beris Lake is located in the Sik Kedah area a lake that is increasingly

To get here is not difficult because this Latest Mailing Database lake is located next to the main road only.

My journey from Jertih Terengganu was smooth and took only about 4 hours.

I stayed at the Hill Lake View chalet which is located right on the edge of beris lake.

The facilities and cleanliness of this chalet are quite satisfactory. It is air conditioned and very comfortable.

The price offered is also very reasonable.

Finally toman surrendered in the late afternoon
On the first day, the guide who took us to explore Tasik Beris was Fendi KN .

The start of the day was not good because the rain started from 4 am until almost 9 am.

This causes cold water and less active fish Mama toman is mostly not interested

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At midday, the noise hit again and we Seo Ebl decided to take shelter in a hut.

The hunt continued in the evening after the storm subsided.

Alhamdulillah, finally a toman managed to be persuaded by Wan Syam with Rapala Fat Rap.

I got hit by a toman late in the evening but the hookup wasn’t solid enough to cause the fish to rabut.

Day Two Notes
The second day the weather was very good with the sun shining brightly.

Today we were brought by guide Amrie .

But unfortunately, that day after just one hour of fishing, I received an emergency call from the village (death of a family member) that required us to return home immediately.

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