Content Optimization

Content marketing is not just information gathering and writing. This marketing activity also requires you to be active after publication.

You can have even the best content on your website, but it doesn’t matter if no one is looking for it.

First, you need to align your content with the buyer’s journey. You know yourself that when you are looking for a product or service at different times, you are looking for completely different content.

At first, you look for a solution, and only later do you look for companies that offer this solution. The next step can be product or company comparisons and reviews. Your content needs to be relevant to every purchase step your potential customer makes.

Only then can you focus on SEO optimization and checking the content for target keywords. This will ensure that people looking for solutions on Google find your content.


Content Distribution

All right. Your content is already planned and written. You’ve also gone through optimization. But are you sure?

All of the above elements cannot be worked out in a vacuum. For the whole thing to run like a well-oiled machine, you need to consider distribution.

After all, somehow users need to know about the great content you’ve prepared for them.

If you have a website, great. You have a platform that generates organic traffic and content will be “discovered” on it. Remember, however, that positioning a website in Google takes time.

If you want to speed things up, you need to spend time on:

  • Sharing new content on social media.
  • Sending content via email marketing.
  • Using influencers to promote content.

Each of these channels has its own specifics. You have to adapt to it from the stage of building the strategy.


Repurposing content

Sounds mysterious, right? Don’t worry, it’s nothing terrible.

You already have an article ready for the website and you have used distribution channels to inform your audience about it.

Now you can chop your article into sm  Seo Ebl aller pieces or convert it to a different format to attract the attention of other users.

You can also apply this step to content you wrote a few years ago. With a new graphic or headline, they can still grab the attention of potential customers.

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