How to Create a Winning Blog Content Strategy in

Therefore, A blog content strategy is a vision and a plan that you have for your blog. Much like a business strategy, a blog strategy will point your blog in the right direction and guide you towards what you want to achieve with your blog content. Your blog content strategy should be aligned with your business goals and your overall content strategy. Your business goals should be the main driver of your content. For a better idea of where your blog strategy sits in the How to Create big picture, here’s a simple diagram: Forget the metrics for a moment and think of the big picture.

What is the purpose

Why should your blog exist? Your answers to these questions form. The essence of your blog content strategy, so try to put it into one sentence and let it guide all company data your blog efforts. At Slido, for instance, our overarching goal is to become the 1 resource for those who want to run better meetings. If you’re struggling to find Therefore, your blog’s purpose, this simple “help-to-by” framework (inspired by the “get-to-by” model from advertising) may help you. Just fill in the gaps. The purpose of my blog is to help [audience with a specific problem or JTBD] to [the desired outcome] by [the means]. At Ahrefs, our help-to-by strategy could be as follows: Help marketers and website owners to get better at SEO and drive more traffic to their websites by publishing in-depth tutorials and how-to guides.

How to Create building

Therefore, A blog for your online yoga accessory store, your blog’s purpose may be to. Help people starting with yoga to reach success by. Providing them with SEO EBL the best practices and the best. Tips for equipment. It’s crucial to set your “why” right off. The bat as it helps keep every other aspect of your blog content strategy on track. 2. Research your competitors Competitive research is an invaluable source of inspiration for your blog content. It uncovers which keywords bring them traffic, what type of content. Works for them, what they’re doing well, and where they fall short. You should research two types of competitors. Business competitors Content competitors Business. 

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