How to Create & Optimize Landing Pages for SEO

Therefore, Everyone wants organic traffic to landing pages because they convert so well. And although it can be harder to rank a landing page in Google compared to, say, a blog post, it is possible. Just look at this landing page from Asana. The entire page is designed to drive people toward the free trial. Every new click coming from keywords like “online project management,” “project management tool,” and “project management software” is How to Create a great and targeted opportunity to generate a lead. It gets an estimated 13.5k organic visits per month from.

Google according to Ahrefs

Landing pages are web pages designed to convert traffic into leads. They can be about features, products, use cases, lead magnets, or promotions. They have different executive email list layouts but drive the same outcome: leads. Great landing pages have four common characteristics: Design – Every landing page design takes a user on a journey toward the desired CTA (call to action). Sales copy – There’s no need for direct response marketing techniques if you find that too cheesy. However, the copy on a landing page educates the user on the problem, the solution, and why your business is uniquely equipped to solve it. Ultimately, the copy drives the user toward the CTA. CTA – This prompt tells your visitor what to do next by outlining a clear next step. Form – The form is an opportunity to sign up, download, or book a call.

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Therefore,  A visitor into a lead. Success! With this in mind, you will come across many versions of landing pages. The Ahrefs feature page about Keyword Explorer is a landing SEO EBL page—as is Jay Acunzo’s sales page for his online course and Beekeeper’s squeeze page that offers a white paper. Not every keyword makes a great keyword for a landing page. Usually, a keyword needs to have some transactional intent for Google to display landing pages in the search results. In your keyword research, you will want to focus on these keywords. If Page 1 is full of long-form blog posts and guides, you will bang your head against the wall trying to rank a landing page.

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