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 But time was not enough. Ernesto Sabato, the “lone sniper” (1991, p. 72), the fierce critic of these dark times of technological idolatry, dicat to the memory of Matilde, his wife, and his belov son Jorge, now absent forever, di in his little house in Santos Lugares, almost two months before turning a century of life. A year ago I receiv a call from my mother: she ask me to travel as soon as possible to Chincha, the place of residence of my father, who had suffer an accident due to the epilepsy that had accompani him since he was 40 years old.

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He is now 54. That’s what I did and it was the beginning of the most distressing hours I have ever experienc. When I arriv at the San José de Chincha hospital, I remember that expression us to refer to business lead some public buildings: “white elephant.” That was the hospital, a large place recently built after the 2007 earthquake but which only had a few benches and a minimum staff incapable of providing comprehensive care. There were only outpatient procures. My father was transferr three days later to Lima and operat on due to a severe traumatic brain injury.

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 According to the doctors, because he had suffer this type of accident more than once, it had been a miracle that he was still alive. We wait more than seven hours for the result during the craniotomy perform. It is surprising that this procure is extremely old in our culture. This is explain by Espinoza (1997) in his book Los Incas , and he even clarifies that SEO EBL centuries before the Inca hegemony, procures of this type were already carri out: “Among these, the one that draws the most attention is trepanation: perforation of the bone layer of the skull to extract from its interior the causes of the disease, usually a spirit introduc there; or remove bones fractur as a result of blows” (p.

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