Digital audio and TikTok fever continue to gain ground among Gen Z users

Digital audio WARC , an international marketing intelligence service, has put current society under the microscope in a new report and has concluded that Generation Z is the most digital to date . According to the WARC Global Ad Trends: Finding Gen Z study on global advertising trends, two-thirds of the time this generation spends on media (67.7% of the total) does so on digital channels, more than any other age group.

Reaching the Generation Z audience, a challenge

The increase in online media category email list consumption by young people aged 16 to 24 has been driven by the creation of new opportunities . For example, podcasts, which are a clearly growing format, or the possibilities of listening to music or radio in streaming have encouraged young people to use these media more. Audio channels therefore play a fundamental role in the media habits of Generation Z. Users between 16 and 24 years old consume more audio content per day than all forms of premium video viewing combined. According to the WARC study, the i

This is how younger consumers act according to WARC

For Alex Brownsell, content director at SEO EBL WARC Media and co-author of the report, “age is not the only factor that determines consumer behavior.” In this sense, he points out that factors such as geography and wealth can be equally decisive. “Our analysis of media consumption data shows that an individual’s year of birth can provide a useful indicator of potential channel and platform preferences, especially when it comes to younger cohorts,” he notes.

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