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That’s what the doctors did: a trepanation. I had read it in my books, I had seen it in the mummies in museums, I experienc it with my father. A month after the accident my father was discharg. The condition upon discharge from the hospital was inactivity of all his extremities, especially those on the right side, inaction of the left eye and inability to articulate and understand words. Seven months was the time that pass with the piece of cranial bone body in the abdominal area, and then, like the hampicamayoc – doctor of ancient Peru – the specialists plac the bone piece back in its place.

Beings Have Many

 Between doctors and therapies we discover that he unfortunately inherit the conditions of hemiplegia – paralysis of one side of the body – and aphasia – difficulty in the production and/or understanding of language. In other words, after having travel almost all of Peru, having gotten marri, having sung in every Creole revel that came his way, rais three business database children and fix every car that cross his path, my father’s disability condition became clear. he emphasiz. Disability has historically been understood as an evil that was hidden or eliminat in many places in the world, but as a possibility in the case of Andean culture.

Personal and Community

In this regard, Poma de Ayala (2012) mentions that “Those who could had to work and help; those who had eyes were us to look; those who had feet walk; Those who had hands wove and serv as grocers, quipucamayoc or butlers. “Each one was marri to his equal so that they would multiply.” (p. 56). Currently, disability is defin in Law No. 29973 as follows: “A person with a disability is SEO EBL someone who has one or more permanent physical, sensory, mental or intellectual deficiencies that, when interacting with various attitudinal and environmental barriers, , does not exercise or may be prevent from exercising her rights and her full and effective inclusion in society, on equal terms with others.

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