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Management of a team made up of more. Than 300 professionals throughout Europe. Define exactly the target audience and ask Email Marketing them what type of emails they want to receive, if they want to receive them. These are the essential steps to prevent consumers from starting to ignore this marketing channel. These are the advice of an analyst from the market research company Gartner , which only aims to fit into one reality: cost reduction. By mid-2004, spam will represent approximately 60% of the emails circulating on the Internet. For this reason.

More emails opened and more clicks than in 2002

15% of the advertisers consulted by the company data American company Marketing Sherpa. A research firm specialized in marketing, stated that their email marketing campaigns have increased the ratio of opened messages in 2003 compared to the previous year. On the other hand, 18% of those surveyed stated that the number of clicks is also higher this year. While Americans use it in 17% of messages. The report shows large differences between Europe and the United States. When it comes to clicks: 9.2% in the Old Continent and 8.3% in the North American country.


Regarding bounce rates

They are clearly lower in Europe: 9.9% compared SEO EBL to 11.5%. Germany is the country with the highest number of clicks: 10.4%. The United Kingdom, for its part, has the highest bounce rate (bounced emails), with 13.2%. “The results indicate that email as a marketing tactic is evolving rapidly in Europe,” said Sinead Deegan, marketing director at DoubleClick. It is increasingly important that professional emails are differentiated from the rest. Otherwise, by 2005 anti-spam software or content managers will identify and block 80% of all email marketing campaigns.

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