Differences Between Employee and Self-employed Worker

The main difference between these two ways of carrying out a professional activity is that the employed or salaried worker receives a fixed monthly salary regardless of what the company they work for has invoiced, whether they have made profits or losses, which is translates into greater financial stability. While the self-employed or self-employed worker receives income based on what he has invoiced and the payments he has already received.

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In addition, a self-employed person has more capacity and flexibility to organize his day-to-day life as he sees fit, always using his own means to carry out his activity, while an employee uses the means of the company that hires him and acts according to the guidelines. that this marks you.

Yes, you can work as an employee and as a freelancer Latest Mailing Database at the same time, but you must inform both Social Security and the Treasury of your two activities. In addition, you must comply with the obligations and responsibilities that both regimes entail.

Whether you work for someone else or as a freelancer, at N26 you can find a 100% mobile bank account with no commissions that adapts to your pace. The account without commissions (free) or the premium accounts current account , international bank account or Metal are available for both individuals and self-employed. Thus, however you work, you can enjoy the advantages of having a mobile bank, flexible and without paperwork.

Advantages of working in Madrid

Latest Mailing Database

In addition, with N26 the self-employed enjoy a refund of between 0.1 and 0.5% on all purchases they make with their N26 Mastercard. Open your account now and forget Seo Ebl about going to a branch again.Madrid can be a very good option if you are starting your journey as a freelance and you have not yet created a powerful network of contacts. In the different congresses, events, and even in coworking spaces, you will find an ideal space to make yourself known and find your first freelance jobs in Madrid.

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