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Only 15 kg weight losses Weight loss projects for new mothers Over 50+ weight loss projects Weight loss projects for moms With a little inventing, you can already get six focused blog topics under weight loss. In this way, these six bloggers are not competitors with each other, but support each other. Every blogger wants the best for their readers and helps and supports the reader’s weight loss project. Take advantage of other bloggers: collaborate and write guest posts on each other’s blogs. Just remember that the same post is not shared in both blogs. 7. How do you write content that the reader wants to read? What makes the reader return again and again to your blog? Reliability Credibility Like Empathy Understanding . You are honest and open. You can stand behind your words with a clear conscience. It also builds credibility towards you and your experience expertise.

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 You certainly like your readers. It will be highlighted in the content you produce. When you like your new data readers first, it’s easy for your readers to like you afterwards. Empathy and understanding come through your life experience. You have experienced similar situations to your reader and survived them. So you know what the reader is going through right now. Bring out understanding and empathy in your content. Help the reader get ahead in life. Be a friend to the reader. 7.1. Write what the reader wants to read Every professional blogger emphasizes this point: write content that the reader wants to read, don’t write content that you want to write yourself. Anyone can write. But it’s only when you write interesting, useful and usable content that readers get hooked.  mistakes bloggers make is to write in the first person. Sure, the blog is yours, but each of us is selfish in some way. We can’t bear to read (or for that matter listen) if someone talks only about themselves all the time.

Perhaps one of the most common

Translate I texts into you form. Before: “Today I did this and this and that and then I bought and then I visited and then I was photographed…” After: “Do you want new ideas for spring/summer/autumn/winter holidays? Go try this and this. Does your bag need new contents? Here you can find super awesome ideas! Don’t know what to cook for the family for the weekend? One of my readers sent in this recipe. Try it too!” Do you notice how the content changes when “I” is changed to “you” Additional resources: Unsexy Blog Topic: Can It Succeed? The SEO EBL Real Reason Why Readers (And 6 Things to Fix in 5 Minutes) Instant exit in percentages: This is how you turn casual visitors into committed readers 8.

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