Selection of fishing line sets for surface gems

Proper equipment is critical in effectively presenting surface lures.

The use of the right tools not only helps the movement of the lure better, but also prevents us from getting tired or losing the fish.

Corresponding Fishing Rod Action
I prefer to use a short rod 6 feet long (no more than 7 feet) that has fast action ( fast action ) or medium action ( medium action ) to style surface lures.

The reason is because Below I state the type of fishing set that is suitable

A short rod will make it easier for us to control the Phone Number List action of the gatekeeper, especially in narrow places like on a boat.
Fast action rods help popper and pencil performances come alive.
Suitable Reel to Use
Since the application of surface lures only causes small water resistance, a reel with a high gear ratio is more suitable.

Choose a reel with a high ratio of 7:1 or above.

With a fast reel, it will make it easier for us to store slack line faster and more efficiently.

This is important to avoid the occurrence of backlash.

In addition, when the fish grabs the lure, we can land the fish faster.

Selection of Ropes and Leaders

The ropes that are suitable for styling surface lures are of the type of embroidery

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The use of fluorocarbon rope , although it is invisible Seo Ebl in the water, it is not suitable for surface lure applications because it is heavy and sinkable.

Therefore to some extent will affect the action of the surface lure.

The embroidery rope and tangsi are lighter and float on the water, where it will make it easier for us to style surface lures more effectively.

Closing: The Importance of Choosing the Right Fishing Line Set
The right choice of fishing rod set brings the performance of surface lures to life perfectly.

In fact, it is also important to reduce fatigue and help us land the desired “monster” with more confidence.

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