First Steps to Set Up an Online Store

The first time you asked yourself (or ask yourself) the question of “how to create an online store” it is likely that you did not consider whether it could become a reality. That is, the “when”. Although right now you are only in a phase of reflection, it is important that if you finally decide to say “yes, I do” you set deadlines. In short, planning.

As you will have been able to verify so far, setting up an online store requires a high degree of organization since there are many aspects at stake. Think hard (and realistically): what budget do you have to start with, what do you hope to achieve with this business, how are you going to run the store (do you need more equipment or is one person enough), what are your profit prospects (whether Expenses)…

Where are you going to sell

Make a list of all the questions that come to mind. Then try to answer them as honestly as possible. It is a good starting point for managing future expectations.

Selling online gives you the possibility of reaching many more people than if you did it in a physical store. At this point you will also have to make the decision of where you are going to sell, that is, the shipping and return policy. Domestic shipments only? Abroad? Free shipping or not? How can I make an exchange or a return?

You can decide this when you do your market research Database and you can assess which countries or regions may have an audience interested in buying your product.

Nowadays everything is (practically) invented. And if you think not, you’ll find out on your own when you do your first search. Therefore, when opening an online store it is important that you stand out from the rest. As? With your brand, with your product (if you can and it is innovative enough), with your purpose. In short, with your value proposition.

Why do you want to sell that product


Clearly define why you sell the products you sell, what customers get when they buy them (besides the item itself), what motivates you to open your store. Write down your USP, or unique selling proposition , so anyone who comes to your website instantly understands what you’re selling, why, and how Seo Ebl it’s going to improve their lives.

Nor do you have to discover gunpowder: it can be something as simple as that your products are made by hand, are sustainable or support a social cause with the income received from sales. Of course, choose something because you really feel a connection to the cause and not because it is fashionable. Honesty sells well.

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