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This is a method you can use when you want to save. Data (such as account files, photos, videos, history, etc.) without needing to install an application. Open HP settings, then click “Other settings”, and please go to “Backup & Reset”. setting Next select “Backup data”. There you can backup or restore data. Then you can choose where you want to back up your data, either via HP’s default cloud or via Google. For example, let’s choose “Google server”. via backup After that, a display like the one below will appear. Please slide the switch next to “Back up my data” suggest This method is relatively easy. If you turn on the button, your data will automatically be saved to the server, be it Google Drive or others. This can narrow down your drive space and definitely requires at least an internet connection

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because the data is stored via the cloud. to back up Android data to a PC, you can conclude a safe and easy way to use to back up data. Just use the method that you think is easy, simple, and adapt it to your needs! “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will find an easy way to do it.” (Bill Gates) That’s whatsapp data all I (the author) can say. Hope it is useful. Oh yes, don’t forget to leave a comment or your story about Android data backup! How to Backup Data to a PC – by Rendi Juliarto , Intern Junior Content Writer at Dicoding Discussions regarding determining the main idea are always a necessity for many people.

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