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The newest member principle includes extending the life of products by enabling its repair. Creating a product so that it can be later repair, improve aesthetics, refresh, improve or renew. This principle also involves energy recovery from waste. Recovery of raw materials and waste management. This principle promotes waste minimization and reduce demand for primary raw materials. Promotion also applies to the aspect of repair itself, i.e. the implementation of innovations. That will concern advance technologies for the regeneration of products. The creation of systems that will promote the repair and regeneration of products.

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Recycle principle Pro-ecological practices in the form of garbage recycling are well known to everyone. The ‘recycle’ principle covers the recycling of waste generate during production or another process. When a product, material or substance cannot be reuse or Photo Retouching repair and thus becomes waste only. According to this principle. Such waste is recycle in order to be transform into a new raw material or for reuse. What the recovery principle focuses on is reducing. The amount of waste going to for primary raw materials. Rethink principle “Think about what you can do better” is a concept according to which you should carefully consider your choices, activities.

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Production process and product life cycle planning in order to prevent waste or minimize the amount of waste. Pro-ecological practices that aim to reduce the amount of waste by changing the way of thinking and acting include, among others: sustainable design, reducing SEO EBL the amount of raw materials, changing production processes, as well as raising awareness and education. Enterprises should use such methods of production or forms of services that will prevent the generation of waste or significantly reduce it while minimizing the negative impact on human life and health and the natural environment.

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