What is LinkedIn and How to Use It?

Despite the big buzz around LinkedIn in Poland, this tool is still in its infancy. Some treat it only as a website with job offers. So today, not about what LinkedIn is, but about how to use this platform not only to build a brand, but also to generate leads and sales.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn  is the largest business network of established connections. They have 675 million users and 260 million active users every month. It is therefore the largest channel that marketers use to publish 94% of B2B content. Why? Because there are 9 billion views of content per week on it.

That’s a lot of eyes that can see your content on a regular basis. On the other hand, only 1% of users actively publish content, so as you can see, systematic work on LinkedIn can bring gootime to Database maked results, because there is not so much competition.

So what are the advantages of having a LinkedIn account?

  • Generating more leads
  • Increased exposure
  • A higher level of credibility
  • Opportunity to brag about achievements
  • Filtered search results
  • Valuable business contacts

Both giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have profiles on LinkedIn, but also start-ups looking for new clients and investors.

Optimize your LinkedIn account


Since the potential of this social media platform is huge, today I am sharing some solutions and ideas that will help you achieve measurable results.

So what does LinkedIn want? LinkedIn wants you to produce content that is valuable to other users.

However, before you start publishing, you need to think about optimizing your profile. Here are the elements you need to pay attention to:

Profile picture

Choose a current photo that represents you or your brand. It is best if the photo takes up 60% of the space in the avatar. You also need to take care of a friendly facial expression and remhe Seo Ebl boundarember that there is only you in the photo. Sweet photos from the family party are out.

In the case of a brand, I suggest using a company photo or graphic that is used on other channels – consistency is key.

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