Do you know how to surprise your clients or have you stopped trying

Do you know how The vast majority of companies are obsessed with attracting new customers when loyalty is at least as important. You already have a task for next week. Find a way to surprise your best clients (or all of them). Sometimes it can be easier than you think. No one can take your work away from you, but it is time well spent. What are your tips to surprise your clients?

Why so few companies surprise us Do you know how

Do you know how Why so few companies surprise us There are reasons for category email list everything in life. They can be better or worse but there usually are. I have not carried out any studies in this field but it is enough to apply common sense to have a more or less correct answer to the matter. It’s a risk : surprising in a positive way means that you know what your customers really want. If you have no idea or you don’t trust what the latest surveys tell you, then you have to jump into the void. 

Why you should surprise your clients have you stopped trying

Why you should surprise your clients Despite SEO EBL the risk that a surprise can turn into disappointment, it is worth making the effort. A possible failure is a bad excuse for not trying hard and doing a little more than what your clients expect of you. 1. Differentiates you from the rest : obviously surprising differentiates you from the rest. It has a lot to do with exceeding expectations. 

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