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Management and analysis of advertisements on the Internet. It is even possible to create ads in different formats to be display in all types of positions on these platforms: whether in Google search results or just below your friends’ posts on Instagram! Google Analytics Google’s famous free data analysis tool, call Google Analytics , allows you to collect information about websites and user behavior: Number of visits; Traffic origins; Most access pages; Time people spend on each part of the website.

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 These are just some of the data that can be monitor! Semrush If the goal is to get ahead of the competition, Semrush is one of the best tools to evaluate which keywords are relevant in this competition, or to learn how to improve the site’s performance to attract and retain more visitors. Just like the best Digital Marketing tools , Semrush serves to new data make SEO shine, multiply organic traffic and increase conversions! Essential Digital Marketing Tools for your strategy HubSpot One of the ways to increase conversions is to automate E-mail Marketing flows or social mia posts, and segment users so.

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That the right people receive the ideal content at the best times. And the HubSpot platform is aim at these types of automations because it was creat to increase the efficiency of sales processes, generate qualifi leads and improve the user experience! Mailchimp Mailchimp is a platform similar to HubSpot, but completely focus on SEO EBL automating E-mail Marketing or Newsletters campaigns to strengthen relationships with leads and customers.

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