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If a customer has consented to give you their email address, they have already been expose to your brand, are willing to receive correspondence from you, and may have even purchase from you. This is significant – in order to sustain your business’s profitability, you nee to encourage repeat purchases. Not only is it less expensive to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one, repeat customers spend more than new customers. And this is where personalization becomes important. By sending your customers tailor and relevant emails, you’ll be able to demonstrate your brand’s investment in their unique need and interests.

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For example, if they’ve abandoner their shopping cart, you can send a friendly reminder and ask them if they nee any help completing their transaction. If they’ve spent time on product pages, you can follow up with more information and benefits. Or maybe it’s been a year since they first subscribe  special data to your newsletter, and you want to send them a note celebrating this anniversary. Here’s a great example from the cloud-base typing assistant, Grammarly. Base on activity using the platform, personalize emails are sent showing progress on a regular basis with the incentive of a badge. Grammarly email Grammarly email The email goes on to show graphs that compare usage to peers in different areas to drive curiosity and engagement.

This will enable SGE to answer your questions much more.

The email then ends with a CTA to ‘Go Premium’, the perfect example of using personal data to nurture and convert. Grammarly insights in email Grammarly Seoe BL insights  in email With the power of trigger emails and marketing automation (particularly using AI), you can take a proactive approach to solidifying your customer relationships, without having to spend a huge amount of time or effort. You can tailor communications suite to every stage of the customer journey, and, due to your instant visibility in their inboxes. 

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