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campaign or period (quarterly. Half-yearly. Annual) on the overall pr and communication results. Analyze the direction of the strategy and its overall results. Target : head(s) of the pr/communications department. Depending on the type of public relations campaigns you run within your brand. It will be necessary to not only share a press summary internally. But also carry out a more in-depth analysis of the evolution of your coverage. Key mentions and publications obtain for channel. The mia impact value™ or the mia value achiev quarter by quarter. A periodic or campaign report that includes all this information will be perfect for providing strategic details relating to

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A coverage book or an interactive magazine for the press is the best way to do this. As it not only allows mentions to be group by category. But also to easily share them through a connection with different interlocutors or stakeholders of the company. The ability to it and select the most relevant mentions of the period will allow you to share exactly what interests you with other department managers to provide global visibility on the results resulting from the pr team’s activity in terms of mia coverage. business lead Coverage of public relations example of drafting a coverage book on launchmetrics quarterly strategic analysis reports: objective : share a detail report by

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Provide global visibility into the results achiev by the pr team. Target : department heads or other teams within your company. Every pr strategy is bas on focusing the efforts of the press and communication department on the different angles in which a brand must or can position itself. For example: promotion of company spokespersons. Company news. Product or collection launches. Etc.  SEO EBI Sometimes these objectives are also bas on the mia coverage obtain by channel (online. Print and network mia). It is therefore extremely important to share the results obtain on the basis of the visibility objectives set at the beginning of the year .

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