Social Networks for companies Why are they important

Nowadays companies must have a digital presence no matter what. The question is where and how. Users demand to talk with brands. And this two-way communication is possible thanks, in part, to social media. But do you have to be on all networks. What are the best social networks for companies? Today I want to talk to you about. The importance of social platforms for brands and businesses . We will see the most common ones and how you can manage them appropriately. Because in those where you decide to be present. There must be a marketing strategy that supports it.

Video Content to Power

If you already know what social networks are , you may be thinking that companies need to be on all of them. In order to reach more email contact list users or potential clients. However, this is a very common mistake, because it is not about being. Everywhere or only in the fashionable ones, but rather having a strategic presence. In the networks where your clients are. Specifically, your buyer persona . Therefore, I am going to share with you the best social networks for companies. Where it is common to find brands . LinkedIn: the professional network par excellence LinkedIn is focused. On professional communication and networking. And its objective is to facilitate the connection with potential clients. Companies and professionals . Thanks to the digital communication of this social network.

Inspiration Creativity and Organic Traffic

It has more than 700 million users and every day thousands of transactions are made between companies. Professional meetings and SEO EBL searches for clients. Collaborators and staff to join the teams of the companies that are on this social network. In the LinkedIn feed you can find corporate publications. Although we are beginning to see the occasional personal reflection. But always from the companies and professionals that are within. Which are the vast majority of registered users. In addition, it has Pulse, a kind of free blog or tool that allows you to publish. Longer content in a format similar to any press article. YouTube: video content to power YouTube is gaining a lot of prominence nowadays. Videos are beginning to be a very popular format among users. Who increasingly demand this type of content.

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