Use Proper Ecommerce Optimization Online Sales Tools

Ultimately, your goal here is to make the shopping experience of your consumers as smooth and seamless as possible, so they will come back and become loyal customers.

After all your preparations above, there’s nothing better than having a reliable tool to increase your conversions.

So what tools do you need? Here at Split Dragon, we have all the tools you need to help you increase your conversions.

For one, you need to do split testing

 to avoid unnecessary risks in your product listings. Every element of your online store—from titles to images to product descriptions to user experience—can influence your customers’ buying decisions. That said, you want to provide the best version of everything to increase purchasing power.

Another way to optimize your database online store is to add high search volume keywords to your list. To do that, you need a keyword search tool that will give you the best keywords so you can land on the first page of product search results.

Competitor analysis is another important tool so that you can identify your main competitors, and measure strategies to maintain the interest and attention of your customers.

Now it’s time to prepare


The challenge of preparing for the peak season is different every year, but this year was particularly daunting.

The uncertainty of the pandemic is having a huge impact on consumer behavior, leading to pressure on the supply chain.

But with enough preparation, strategic planning, and use of the right tools for your business, you can expect to bring home the bacon.

Dragon Riven understands the importance of optimizing your listing in an increasingly competitive and crowded Seo Ebl online marketplace. That’s why we have every essential tool— including the ones mentioned above—ready for sellers.

Check out all our online selling tools for Lazada and Shopee. Try Dragon Ripped now and increase your conversions for the peak season.

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