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You can find them among both hobbyists and companies. But there is nothing funny about the fact that the name of the blog does not describe the content of the blog in any way. when the image of the blog name does not match the written content. In addition to the disappointment, the blog is quickly forgotten and its content does not feel like sharing on social media. In this post, I’ll tell you what to avoid when thinking about a name for your blog and what to do instead. What is the name of the blog? Unfortunately, blogs are still created on the spur of the moment.

Disappointment is usually great

 When you see how well another blogger gets readers and how much another company makes, the idea of ​​your own blog arises. WRONG! A blog made on the spur of the special data moment makes the biggest mistakes, due to which it will not get visibility or readers. The name of the blog is one of these mistakes. Also read this: 7/10 bloggers quit within the first year. You’re not one of them, are you? In 2013, Kathleen Korte Suo and Jarkko Karvonen wrote the first official book about blogging. The blog marketing book has been a success and many business bloggers’ best source guide for maintaining a business blog. In their book, Kathleen and Jarkko talk about the name of the blog like this: “The name of the blog is a memory trace to the world. Think of a name that is easy to remember.  remember, relates to your topic, easily adapts to various online media and is suitably robust.

A good name is easy to

You may very well be remembered for the name of your blog in the future, and your choice of name will follow you for a long time. So bet on the name of the blog.” Yes, exactly. Bet on the name of your blog. If you blog about social media, then the name should reflect that. If you write a blog about financial management, name the blog accordingly. But don’t combine these! Combining two big and completely different topics in the same blog is not profitable. Google doesn’t know what your blog is about, and that’s red clothing for Google Google doesn’t like contradictions. That’s why it’s really important to invest in a blog name before starting a blog. If the name of the blog reflects photography but the content is social media, which will Google emphasize SEO EBL in the search results? Through Google it is possible for you to get 25-50% of new readers. At a later stage, this can mean even thousands of new readers every month.

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