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Special discount point of the above Regulation we learn that the evidence justifying absence from work. Is among others a summons to the WKU specifically ” a personal summons of the employee to appear. In person issu by the authority competent in matters of general duty to defend containing a note confirming the employe attendance at this summons. Further in we read that. The employer is oblig to release from work an employee summon to appear in person before the authority competent. In the scope of the general duty of defense for the time necessary to resolve the matter that is the subject of the summons.

Therefore Special discount Regulation clearly

States that due to a summons to the WKU you are entitl to dismissal from work. However this is dismissal from work not unpaid leave. This type of absence is not includ in vacation days. Summons to WKU and remuneration We will also learn from philippines photo editor the above-mention Regulation whether a person is entitl to remuneration from the employer for the period of time off work when call to WKU. This time we ne to look at – point of this article indicates when the employee retains the right to remuneration. There is no mention of a call under the general duty to defend.

Therefore due to a summons

To WKU the employee does not retain the right to remuneration . This is the so-call unpaid ecus absence – within the meaning of labor law. This does not mean however that this day is “unpaid” at all. We can read this from point of which says that ” If an employee SEO EBL  takes the leave from work referr to in – within the scope of the general duty to defend – note. The employer issues a certificate specifying the amount of lost remuneration for the period of dismissal.

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