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If you use only one of these, the information submitted by users through your website will not be protected. Why it should not be used is basically for security reasons, as it is an old protocol without any additional security layer, which may cause data to be detected and read by external sources. In summary, it is an insecure transport protocol because it is not encrypted or encrypted. How to install and activate from your host and Set up a certificate in.

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 There are many types of certificates, some are paid, but for most web pages, a free latest database certificate like this is usually sufficient. The fastest way to get your website to use and use the protocol is to install it directly from your host . Today, the best hosting services on the market will give you the option to install the website once in a click, and by default the certificate is installed and activated. This will make your task easier, as your website can be prepared in this regard in just a few steps.

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 Steps to install and activate a certificate In order to show you how to activate a certificate on the website, I will use the example of escrow, which is one of the certificates I recommend you use in this article. In other hosts, or, the process is similar, so you should not experience any Seoe BL major complications. Tip: Before you do anything, back up your website. Almost all quality hosts will offer you the possibility to install a free plugin that perfectly meets our needs: Open your client panel in hosting.

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