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home for the #lunarnewyear holidays by top model chun jin . Combin with the themes of family and return. Storytelling allow the brand to convey emotions through each of the items in the collection. The leverage on the new generations. Even if approach with different tones. Is confirm as strategic also for prada. The hashtags #cny and #lunarnewyear chosen for the campaign then did the rest together with the voiceown mia help generate $549.2k of the brand’s total $1.11 million in marketing revenue during the reporting period. #etroxtomandjerry etro’s choice. Although apparently close and similar to that of gucci. Sounds different. The connection with the

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The most effective voice is that of the own mia . Confirming a marketing strategy l by the brand and design to attract the gen z audience (thanks to the collaboration with ni ni) and to extend its presence on the mia widely by leveraging the best performing social platform: instagram. Here the top posts record come from itorial publications such as l’officiel hommes and vogue japan. As well as from the involvement of influencers and brand ambassadors such as ni ni . Prada: coming home on Business database  the occasion of the chinese new year . Prada chose to focus on emotions by adopting a marketing strategy focus on storytelling which had as its protagonist the journey

business database

When It Comes to Women to Watch This Year

the progress of the work of your teams or press and communications department. Additionally. Using this document on a quarterly. Semi-annual or campaign basis will allow you to make decisions about how you are performing against the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Gucci’s success is link to the collaboration with disney and the choice to make mickey mouse the protagonist of the capsule collection . The total value of the miv® generat by gucci stands at $11.2m . Confirming  SEO EBI itself as the best in terms of marketing investments. The mia voice. With $5m of miv®. Leads the overall result. However. Analyzing the value per single placement in detail.

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