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You know how this works; ) Settings Accept recession Go to content Refreshing business logo About me Services Folder Blog Contact Liberty New! How to Activate in Network Rental and Leave a Comment Author: In this article, I will teach you how to install and activate a certificate so that your website operates under the (Security Hypertext Transfer Protocol) agreement. Long ago, it was thought that only web pages or online stores that made transactions and payments had to have certificates.

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This is true, but from the beginning, that is, a year in which full new data adoption is strongly recommended(or in other words: “ either you do this or I punish you ”) that all websites should run under the agreement and install and activate the certificate, otherwise there may be multiple consequences. Let’s see how we can do that. The stages of designing a website Catalog Index What is a certificate The advantages of having a certificate on your website What is (and how it works with) Why should you not use How to install and activate from your host and

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Steps to install and activate a certificate How to activate a certificate in Common Errors During Installation Some items are loaded as opposed to caching plug-ins may conflict Last Suggested Conclusion What is Certificate Seoe BL Secure Sockets Layer is a technique to ensure a secure connection between a web page and a user browser. Certificates ensure that the information transferred between the network and visitors is private and secure.

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