The key is to match

The key is to match Pregnancy test for men: the time has come April In Digital & Social DLV BBDO’s new social campaign for the famous handkerchief company. The social strategy adopt by the communication agency DLV BBDO for Tempo has already work in with the campaign A dream proposal in which a short film was made in which a boy, Michelangelo, ask his girlfriend to marry him. The planning was detail and consist of: recruiting on social mia, meeting and interviews with the candidates, the protagonist’s interview.

Becomes a mini film

Which has seo expate bd a premiere in front of the couple’s relatives and friends and the unsuspecting co-protagonist girlfriend, live shooting of the final with marriage proposal and unveiling of the project, viral launch of the video on social mia, publication of the e-commerce platform to communicate emotions through the Tempo handkerchief in a dicat minisite ( which has transform handkerchiefs into a new mia where communicate the happiest moments of your life, finally giving handkerchiefs a positive meaning.

Tempo handkerchiefs are

Often associat with colds, allergies and SEO EBL other negative moments. But the truth is that even the most beautiful and exciting moments of our lives ne a handkerchief.” (DLV BBDO) Now Tempo is back on the attack with the new campaign: TestDiGravidanzaPerUomini DLV BBDO starts from the idea that discovering that you are expecting a child is the most beautiful emotion in life but that this moment is the exclusive prerogative of the woman. But what if there was an even more exciting way to experience this moment in which man becomes the protagonist? Tempo thus launches a provocation by imagining a story where the roles are revers to be able to talk about a new pregnancy test that gives women the chance to share the most beautiful emotion in life with their man in an even more exciting way. Here is the vide On April.

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