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Once students finish this class, they will be more prepared to undertake Associate Android Developer Certification. How did he take his shot this time ? First, reflecting on his experience, he realizes his major drawback: not being open minded. Oftentimes, sitting in his comfort zone, Taufiq subconsciously resists learning new ideas and approaches that could have actually made life easier for him as a software engineer. For example, he was stuck in asyntax, that, quoting his words “far too complicated,” yet he has no guts to learn something new. When looking at new tools offered, he didn’t like the ambiguity or sense of unfamiliarity about the subject. Therefore, in Bangkit.Reasons Why You Need to Backup Android Data Someone will back up their Android data as a preventive .

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measure if something bad  There are various reasons for backing up data, such as when making changes to the Android system, modifying, updating ROM, flashing ROM, resetting Android data, etc. If you have backed up to your PC, you don’t need to worry anymore. Because if the data on Android is lost, your data will still be on the PC. Curious? Come on, look at the following explanation: How to Backup whatsapp number list Android Data to PC Moving Android data to a PC is quite easy to do. Especially if your cellphone still comes from the factory (without root ). Just plug the USB data cable from your cellphone to your PC. Then you can copy your cellphone data to your PC. At this point, your data is safe. However, the data sender is onlAlthough this application has a paid version.

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cellphone to another, but it is limited to a few uses. you have the full version. Please visit the link to download and get more complete information. Backup Android Data to PC Manually This method does seem a bit difficult, especially if you don’t want to be complicated or don’t care about Android application SEO EBL data (such as contacts, call history, chat and apps). You can back up to your PC manually. However, you have to move the data you want to back up first so that it can be searched easily. backup data You can only back up external data, such as doc files, PDF files, photos, videos or downloaded files. Here are the steps you can follow: Use a data cable to connect your Android this manual.

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