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Read also: How to start a blog for free? If you start a blog in a blogging community, you may not have a say in what kind of ads are shown in connection with your blog. The free version also doesn’t look very professional, because the blog address always has something extra nelmaonnellissättä com One more mention of the challenge of free blogs. When one day you want to change your own domain for your blog, moving the blog is a tedious process. If you haven’t studied coding along the way, you’ll have to hire a professional for the job. Additional resources:  less than 100 euros 3 easy steps to start a blog 6. Do you know who is your blog’s dream reader? And even more important, Do you know why your blog should have a dream reader? A dream reader is someone who is interested in your topic.

This is how you start a blog for

 Believe it or not, not everyone who stops by your blog is interested in what you write. This was quite a shock to me in 2014. When you know who your dream blog reader new database is, writing content becomes much easier. You always know what you write. Your dream reader will be happy to share your content on social media and come back again and again to read your posts. It is extremely important to understand that it is not your job to get all the people to come to your blog. Your job is to get the right people interested and come. While you may want 100,000 unique readers to your blog every month, less is enough.  content you write only to those who are already interested in your topic. 6.1.

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Where does your dream reader hang out? Search for discussion groups on your topic Find Facebook groups about your topic Search for coaches who teach your subject Look for mentors in your subject Find other bloggers writing about your topic Are you good at languages? Expand your search also abroad. And remember: Before you share your own posts in any Facebook group, be sure to check with the group administrator that it is allowed. 6.2. Are all bloggers writing about the same topic competitors? I don’t think so. It is impossible to maintain an interesting blog if you write about everything possible between the earth and the sky. There are many subcategories SEO EBL in weight loss alone, and the blog can only be focused on one or two. For example: Only 5 kg weight losses Only 10 kg weight losses.

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