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How to Determine the Main Idea of a Paragraph There are 5 ways you can determine the main idea in an interesting way. Here’s how you can do it: 1. Mark Several Words in One Paragraph To do this, you can mark several words that make you satisfied with the information provided. If the selected words are in 2 or more sentences, re-select the sentences. You will get the main idea validly in this way. 2. Recognize the characteristics of explanatory sentences and main sentences You need to know the location of the main idea. The location of the main idea is usually at the beginning of the sentence, end of the sentence, beginning and end of the paragraph, and concluding the paragraph. You can master this method by reading a lot and analyzing the contents of the paragraphs. There is also an explanation and examples.

Explanatory sentences are supporting

 in the subtitle of the next article. 3. If you still have difficulty recognizing explanatory sentences, then look at the use of repeated words. Usually it is used to explain the sentence before or after it. You can sort the sentences and imagine if they stood alone. If the explanatory sentence stands alone, then it cannot be used as the main idea. Therefore, you can use this method to find the main idea of a paragraph. 4. Determine the Mixed Main Idea Apart from the main idea at the beginning or end of a sentence, the main idea of a paragraph can also be determined ws data by combining the end and beginning of the paragraph sentence. This main idea is usually called a mixed main idea. To determine the main idea of the mixture, you can find out from the main initial sentence. Meanwhile, at the end of the sentence, the paragraph concludes the paragraph. 5. 

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You need to practice continuously by reading paragraph sentences so you can determine the main idea easily and quickly. Understanding the types and characteristics of main sentences will be very easy if you practice often. Analytical skills and understanding of meaning are very necessary to make it easier to determine a main idea well. main idea Source: Arek Socha from Pixabay To achieve a complex understanding of the main idea, you can practice by recognizing the main sentence and explanatory sentences in the following SEO EBL examples: Main Idea at the Beginning of a Paragraph The main idea at the beginning of the paragraph usually has a general or narrow sentence. So it requires a few additional sentences to clarify the main idea. Example Paragraph.

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