Usa Practical Guide for Legitimate Email Marketing

The American Association of Advertising Agencies. Advertisers Usa Practical ( ANA ) and Direct Marketing Agencies ( DMA ) have developed. A practical guide aimed at self-regulation of email marketing to clearly differentiate spam from legitimate practices. The “subject” line must be honest and not misleading. 2- The email address to respond must be valid, as well as the postal address of the issuer. These are data that must be clearly identified.


Usa Practical Advertisers should include their

Company or brand name in the address. Domain and executive email list mention it throughout the message. Commercial emails must provide an option, easy to find and use, so that recipients can remove themselves, electronically, from the list to no longer receive emails. 5- If an advertiser has several brands or subsidiaries, all their communications must offer the option of self-elimination in a standardized format and adapted to the characteristics of the average consumer.


Usa Practical Companies cannot obtain customer

Addresses surreptitiously, through automatic SEO EBL mechanisms. Without the express consent of consumers. 7- “Take out” means “take out.” The system for removing electronic addresses from the list must be reliable, practical and immediate. Subsidiaries and partners whose services and products are related and, therefore, of interest to customers, are not considered “foreign companies.” 9- A commercial email must include the privacy policy of the issuing company, either in the body of the message itself or through a link.

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