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To find out if the site is secure, you can simply click the padlock shown in the Browser tab. If you do not have a certificate, you will see the following in the tab: If the network does install the certificate correctly, it will look like this: The advantage of having a certificate on your website At present, you cannot build a website without a certificate. In fact, the consequences of not having a certificate can be quite negative.

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The advantages are as follows: Your website will be more reliable. If your website is new database protected by a certificate, your visitors and customers will feel more secure when exchanging data and making purchases. You can improve the positioning of your web pages. On the third point, since the year, Google“ has forced the owners of the ” website to use, giving priority to the installed websites in the search results, in addition, Google’s own browser(s) Next shows the “ unsafe ” message to websites without it .

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 Hosted La Ora Network What is (and how it works with) When you install and activate a certificate on the website, you must also configure the website to securely send data. This is done by converting to the (secure hypertext transfer protocol). Use of the website is as good as use, but the Seoe BL former, as the name suggests, is more secure when exchanging data with users. For proper functioning, the network needs a certificate. If you try to use the No website, you will see the following error: In other words, and indispensable.

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