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He is the symbol of those times when man embrac the conviction that he was about to replace the creator himself, and, through scientific knowlge, manage to lord it over the world to subject it to his designs. Despite everything, the great Leonardo Da Vinci, shortly before his death, had to record in his diary a phrase in which he would surrender his weapons to the essential enigma of this world: “You should not desire the impossible” (Sabato, 2001, p. 24). This dazzling stage of history emerges, then, under the sign of tear: the sacr ground of beliefs that organiz the life of mieval man collapses with the blow dealt by the “Renaissance demigod” who, even arm with unbridl confidence in the force of reason and in the wise guidance of experience – supports of nascent experimental science –,

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 However, the trend that will prevail is the one that was direct towards the domination of nature, with the catastrophic effects that such a commitment would entail. This is a crucial historical stage, according to Sabato, to understand the direction our civilization has taken since then, and within which reason and money, two business email list amoral powers, but which acquir a singular centrality in this context, becoming the true engines of our civilization, would drag humanity into the dark times of the reign of technological efficiency and crude economic optimization.at times he hesitates – like Leonardo at the end of his life – when confront with the disturbing and eternal enigma of the ultimate meaning of life.

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Science is now a huge sh of mathematical abstractions and super-specializ theoretical compartments increasingly distant from man. The world, a set of reifi beings; now just gears of a huge anonymous machinery. The man, a superb apprentice demiurge who has become a slave to his monstrous SEO EBL technological creation. This is, in short, the balance that Ernesto Sabato had been announcing for 80 years. Today we know, and perhaps it is too late, that he was not wrong. Six years ago, in 2011, friends, intellectual circles and admirers of his work prepar a tribute for him for his hundrth birthday.

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