Why Do We Always Fail to Prepare Something

Why do you always fail to produce something?

Because you always postpone a project until all the details feel accurate and perfect.

You delay first to resume, but in the end the project is completely abandoned..

Do you often experience this situation?

In the context of writers or bloggers, we are always afraid to publish our writing because we feel that it is not yet perfect enough.

We are afraid of being wrong We’re afraid people don’t like it We are afraid of shame

So we feel it’s better to wait first to make sure Database everything is perfect, from the opening sentence to the closing paragraph.

No matter how great your article is..
If you hesitate for fear of making a mistake, in fact, you will never actually finish.

Fear of making mistakes actually keeps us from taking action.

Inaction will make us fail.

If you can’t finish a piece of writing until it’s flawless, you’ll never actually finish it.

Believing you can avoid all mistakes is a delusion.

There must be a mistake in your writing.

Learn to accept that humans make mistakes once in a while.

Finishing is better than doing it flawlessly.

Why does this syndrome always occur among writers We grow up believing that making a mistake is a very bad thing.

Throughout life, we do our best to avoid any mistakes. We think that mistake is something very embarrassing.

If you continue to live in this way you will not be able to learn from mistakes


You cannot explore new possibilities.

The most important thing is what you learn from Seo Ebl a mistake about how to do better next time.

The mark of a successful person is not how many mistakes he makes, but how quickly he gets up, learns from mistakes and moves forward.

Making a mistake is better than nothing at all, but..
Once you are done completing, you can go back to clean up the mistakes throughout the process.

You can find the areas where you can improve and get to work on them.

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