Google Analytics what is it for and how does this Web analytics tool work

Google Analytics is a Digital analytics tool that allows you to extract. Measure and analyze relevant data from a website or mobile application. To better understand the status and evolution of an Online project or business. Although there are other Web analytics platforms on the market. Google’s is the most widespread in the world by far. Since its launch in 2005, it has gained great popularity due, in part. To the fact that it is a free tool. However, Analytics also stands out for being a tool with an incredible amount of functionalities and preconfigured. Reports that are very well adapted to the measurement needs. Of professionals and entrepreneurs. What is  for As you may have already understood.  Is used to obtain valuable information about what happens on a site.

How does Google Analytics work?

In this section you can track your domain’s traffic in real time and minute by minute. Audience email leads The reports compiled in this section will help you understand what your website visitors are like . Here you will find information about the countries of origin of your users. The language they use or the technologies and devices they use to navigate. Acquisition This section will allow you to understand where. The visitors who enter your site have come from . You will be able to know where users were previously and what specific. Marketing channels or actions have taken them to your page or mobile application. Behavior Behavior reports give you information. Regarding the behavior of users within your website . How much time users spend consulting your pages what elements they interact with.

What is a metric in Google Analytics?

These reports will allow you to know the profitability of user interactions with your site. You will be SEO EBL able to establish a series of conversions related to your business objectives. And assign them a value to be able to monitor the performance. Of your pages and calculate the return on investment. Taking all this into account, and with the help of Marta Fernández Marketing Director of Clever Ads. Today we are also going to get to know the platform in depth. Marta will give us a general tour of the main functionalities of these analysis tools. So that at the end of this guide you have a clearer idea of ​​all their potential. How does  work. In order to collect data from your website with. You will need to insert a code snippet the tracking tag.

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