What day of the week to post

To answer this question, we can apply the same as in the previous point. We can choose to give preference to the volume of visits or the average duration of the visit and we will have to see both tabs to make a decision. In any case, I recommend that you do several tests because the number of visits is sensitive to when you publish, so, although it is not the best option, you will probably be receiving more visits in the days close to when you publish. And that’s it! Today post with video and sister. For you it will surely have been a weak post, I admit it, I have had better posts but I had a great time with my sister.

The main security problems

Obviously I am not the best suited, since my knowledge is more of an amateur but, as far as I know, the main security problems or, in other words, the main reasons why our blog can be “taken to industry email list the dark side ” are usually: Bad server configuration . This is where our service provider, our hosting, comes into play, since it is up to them to apply more or fewer restrictions and configurations that make our server more secure. Regardless of whether you have a static page or WordPress, if your server is not secure, you can suffer an infection. That is why it is important to choose a hosting that is in good condition and that is very secure .

Insecure passwords

On other occasions, the problem is human. I’m the first one to feel overwhelmed with so many passwords we have to remember. It’s amazing! But what is this! That is why we tend to simplify our lives by seeking to repeat the same SEO EBL passwords in almost everything and make them simpler so that it is easy to remember them and quick to write them. But that comes with a potential problem because the simpler it is, the easier it will be for a machine to guess it. If you use passwords like “YourDomain@Year” (one of the most common) you will be taking away all the effort that hosting professionals can make to protect the server.

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