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 How do you market your blog effectively? Remember this: Content production is 20% of the work and marketing 80%. Too often the numbers go wrong. It’s pointless trying to make the text perfect, because there is no perfect text. There is always something to fix. Accept it. You become a better writer just by writing. So write. You can always edit the content later and add the text at the beginning of the post: “Edited ” or “Post updated .2019”. 8.1. Choose a marketing channel based on readers There is absolutely no point in trying to market on Facebook if your readers are on Instagram. Even though Facebook is still the biggest social media channel, it doesn’t mean that you will find all your readers there. , you know where they are and where you should invest.

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If you don’t have time to blog, you don’t have time to hang out on 10 social media channels. Poorly managed social media channels will turn against latest database you one day. So strategically choose the right social media channels and stick to them. Additional resources: Instantly increase blog post shares by 530.43% (Case Study) I hear many bloggers complain that they don’t have time to blog. I understand. Would it be time to clear space and time for blogging? A blog is a completely free marketing channel that covers social media when it comes. While in social media publications live from a few hours to a few days, in a blog the content is preserved forever. Or can you find the post on Facebook that you shared there on April 18, 2015…???  and educational.

Blogging is fun, rewarding, interesting

When you want to learn the best tips and tricks from a coach, subscribe to the Blogger’s Weekly Newsletter for free. You get: free blogging annual plan for 2020 a letter published every other Sunday, which is packed full of tips and tricks advance information and the right of first refusal for online training as well as an expert coach who is available by email when you need help. Thus! Now you know how to start blogging and avoid the most typical mistakes. What is the name of the blog? To start blogging | 0 Comments | Tibia Kitinen This SEO EBL can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 48 SHARES Facebook 45 Twitter Pinterest 3 LinkedIn What is the name of the blog? It’s always fun to come across a funny blog name.

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