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 Go to Host > Certificate > Management Certificate. Enter the domain name you want to modify, then click “ to enable ”. Ready! Easier than impossible! Now you just have to wait about – minutes to get the process running. When you are done, you can convert the installation to > option using the “ on the same hosted ” certificate page, so that you do not need to do anything else, and your website will run under the correct installation certificate.

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Now you can install the new (if you haven’t done it yet) and select “ ” option. How Web Hosting special data Companies Activate Certificates There is a way to do this by sending it to, but here I’ll tell you how to do this in a simpler way for non-advanced users, thanks to the plugin. To do this, you only need to follow these steps: Enter your. Go to Plugins. Click Add New. Enter “ ” in browser . Install and activate it. That is, once activated, the plugin itself will be responsible for activating the certificate in you.

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Easy, isnt it? Common errors while installing in Sometimes forced by code or plug-ins can cause conflicts. These are two very common situations: some items are loaded as opposed to very typical where once activated on Seoe BL the web, some files (such as images) cannot be loaded correctly and must be forced by “ to load them, otherwise it will give us a privacy error in the browser, although the rest of the website is fine.

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