Why Are Surface Lures So Effective

This is the most basic question in the world of surface lures.

In general, predatory fish always observe the surface column of water.


What makes them so attracted to this area?

There are two main reasons:

First Reason Where Food Comes From The Outside World

We need to know that the surface of the water Database is an intermediary between the world of water and the world outside it.

Through the surface of the water, many organic and inorganic substances from the outside world enter the water through this part first.

Because of this, most fish are often attracted to anything that comes from outside.

They are very sensitive with this column.

popper water surface bubble
Red sea bass is an aggressive species that is easily attracted to surface lures
This is because this part of the surface not only brings in oxygen, but is also a source of food such as:

Fresh leaves
Insects that fall to the surface of the water
Small animals falling or moving on the surface (for example: frogs, lizards, snakes etc.)
Newly hatched larvae
A place where small fish find food
All of these will be easy targets for predatory fish.

This is because it is closely related to the fish’s sensitive senses which are usually located on the upper dorsal and lateral parts of its body.

This part is also known as the lateral line or fish sense line

lateral line of fish
Lateral line is the part where the fish’s sensitive senses are gathered
That’s why predators that are below can more easily detect small fish (or other prey) that swim on the surface (predators are under the stomach of their prey)

But if you soak your hands and after the temperature of your hands has cooled, try to squeeze from below, isn’t it easier?

If you don’t believe it, try to grab the fish in the aquarium from above, you will definitely fail.

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