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You’re due for a check-up, you’re due for a check-up… ears and nose are fine and your weight is normal… you’re due for a check-up! I’ll listen to your heart, its rhythm is phenomenal – you’re due for a check-up – maybe you’ll burst out laughing, if when I touch you I tickle you – you’re due for a check-up, you’re due for a check-up, yay. ” I’m sure that if you frequent the Disney Channel like me, you will have even been able to add music and rhythm to the above. TRUE? Yes, no, maybe you would like to watch this video and start the post with the good vibes with which I started it. Just know that I didn’t need the subtitles. I know it by memory!.

Medical checkups

How much the children and their parents hate them, well, like that too. Not to mention that we hate them even category email list more as we get older, right? But they are necessary, very necessary, because their function is to prevent rather than cure . Which, if you allow me, is cheaper and less annoying . TRUE? Every time you remember that you have to do them you get lazy . Many times we skip them or delay them as long as we can. Come on, tell me no. But… when disaster comes, ains, then we do remember … Right?

The need to ensure the security of a Web/Blog

Can you let me tell you something? This year I have seen a lot of cases in which “modest” websites and blogs have been “attacked” to be used as SPAN , most of the time for SEO, damaging their reputation and positioning for the benefit of the “evil”. And know? The SEO EBL most important thing in the previous paragraph is the word “modest.” Because, me being the first, many of us have come to think that as long as our blog did not have a certain visibility, it would not be a profitable target for “the evil ones . ” And with that we were calm. What goes, what goes.

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