You may encounter dirty

You may encounter dirty Here is an example. I have ve compar the results of the same search using the keyword filter and the title filter with Evaboot. You can see that the error rate is higher with keywords search keyword vs title search sales navigator If you are looking for job titles, you should always use the Title filter, forget about the keywords. So how to use the keyword filter then The best way to use it is to look for niche keywords that will not appear on the job title but rather on job descriptions or company descriptions.

Like offline marketing

For example Probably no one will mention seo expate bd this on their job title, but it can appear on a job description. how to use keyword search sales navigator Even you use the job title filter correctly, you may end up with unqualifi leads. This is because don’t update their profile correctly. Let me show you the problem. Be aware of the “several current experiences” issue When you use the job title filter, LinkIn will search within all the job experiences mark as Present. profile update linkin sales navigator.

The thing is, many people

Forget to correctly update their job SEO EBL position when they change jobs. They create a new experience, but they don’t close the previous one, which is still mark as present. Ex here is a prospect in a search for the keyword CEO job titles looks into present experience What Evaboot does to fix this We detect the real current experience of the people and check if this experience match the job titles you were looking for. . Don’t use the Industry filter in the lead search Many people think the industry filter on the lead search looks for the industry of their company. But it’s looking for the industry of the profile how to use the industry filter on sales navigator But what’s the industry of the profile.

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