Your Ticket to Product Industry Success

Good. A relevant part of the success Your Ticket of any niche is its choice. I already spoke in the previous post about some points that. I considered relevant when entering this specific sector, therefore. I am not going to repeat myself on that. Let’s talk about on-page. SEO and off-page SEO. Regarding the on page. Internal force distribution – seen with the DinoRANK . Pagerank module I just can’t tell you much (and that’s where part. Of the lesson of this post really lies). I would love to tell you that yes… that we have made an intentional. Distribution of the internal Pagerank, bringing the force towards.

We have the classic Your Ticket Adsense microniche distribution

URLs that have the most searches and industry email list that generate the highest conversion in Adsense, which has caused a substantial increase in traffic… But that would be a lie! If you look at the photo, the distribution of internal Pagerank according to DinoRANK is absolutely linear. We have the classic Adsense microniche distribution, with the keywords we attack linked from the menu and also from the classic tiles on the home itself . Another thing that we have implemented is to have the typical web map in the footer, in which all the internal links of the niche are listed.

The basis of niche SEO and a good foundation

Useful if you have a large website, with Seo EBL marked hierarchies of URLs (if you want to see a well-done example of this by levels of depth, see how I did it in my “Dinosaurs” niche ) but not especially relevant in a niche like Consult chile online ( very small). When assembling it, a very basic principle was followed, which can be summarized in 3 words. The basis of niche SEO and a good foundation of SEO in general: Finding the right niche Contents Links The contents are correct, they have been provided to me by my friends at Buy A Text, which are ideal for niches and at the same time are simple.

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